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<3 dsm [19 Jul 2007|02:12am]
so, its 215am and i have to get up in 5 hours. i really should not have had that coke at 10 tonight. that shit keeps me up forever. meg, manda, and i randomly drove down to rhode island tonight. quite hilarious actually. didnt really do much, hung out in a mcdonalds and met up with meg's friend laurel. that was lots of fun. in general though, i loved it. tons of spontinaity. i dont know if i even spelled that word right. i dont care either. when we got to the highway we flipped a coin to determine north or south. im glad we ended up south. and we flipped a coin for all our decisions tonight. ok, the three we had to make. but it was lots of fun. but i had a coke at mcdonalds so i could stay awake for the drive home, since i was driving. and now, im regretting it cause i cant sleep. and i have to get up in 5 hours to drive down to malden for the morning/afternoon.

friday im working a fourteen hour shift. should be lots of fun. and i have to get my teeth cleaned tomorrow, also lots of fun. last night i was at the sox game, should have been fun but they lost. and sunday i should be going to the game but i have to work as of right now. on tuesday my friends from school come for a week. i have no idea what im going to do with them. seriously, the stupid shit i do around here day after day will not entertain them much. yeah theres the beach, but what the fuck has been up with the weather lately? i mean seriously! ive been wearing pants and sweatshirts at night. i fucking hate it. im going to end up taking the girls to the beach and theyll freeze. they arent used to this kind of beach weather. oh well, itll be funny i guess.

ok i should really go and try to sleep a little at least.
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oh how youve changed... [28 May 2007|10:53pm]
i just got done working a 30-40 hour week.
im just starting my 50 hour week.
i love working.
i love waitressing breakfast.

cedes- did you get my message? friday when you get out of school call me!
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the last time ill ever be a freshmen [11 May 2007|02:44pm]
i leave tomorrow. its weird to think that i havent been home in four months and that ill be there in less than twenty-four hours. i learned somethings at school too. im going to share them with you.

-if you can, move in early, move-in day is a bitch
-halloween parties are dangerous, only bring/carry props you dont care if you loose
-befriend the upperclassmen, they know where its at
-foam dance parties might sound cool, they are not.
-"hello my name is" name tags do stick to things and never come off (like mirrors)
-buy a carpet that absorbs things well
-the futon is an amazing thing to have
-sleep overs are once again cool
-free stuff is even better
-buy in bulk
-dont buy bottled water, buy it in gallons or large containers.
-get a job, youll need money
-your best friends are great, but know other people incase your sick of them
-make rules for your room
-learn to pack good
-take out is like homemade food
-greek street is always fun
-join some sort of club
-dont judge people before you meet them, unless theyre bitches
-during relays- anything goes
-do laundry
-shower shoes
-your cell phone is your key to the world, as is your computer
-leave the college bubble every once in a while
-do stupid things and be spontaneous
-leave your dorm room
-the walk to FAC always sucks no matter what
-take care of your friends
-dont walk home alone (even if you are sober)
-the walk through at mcd's is sweet
-paul reveres is the best ever
-peggy's SUCKS
-the library is a home, and everyone who goes there knows that
-playing in the sprinklers at night is free and fun
-climb trees and scare people
-percy is always at fault for everything spilt
-spend all your flex dollars
-bulldog book exchange, fuck the book store
-sometimes, or a lot of the times, email doesnt work
-celebrate brithdays
-keep in touch with your friends at home
-be considerate of your roomie
-always use the first or last stall in the bathroom
-movie nights
-play intramural sports, even if your bad
-take naps
-hubbell is gross
-have medicine
-never go to the health center, they only test you for STD's
-fish are cool, but a pain to take care of
-find out what you want and get it
-be decisive, "i dont care" is a horrible answer
-walmart is fun to play in
-go to the gym
-clean out the sinks after you try and wash food down them
-ventilation sucks, keep your window open
-keep secrets
-have fun
-be safe
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you have no idea how awesome this is. [26 Apr 2007|08:45pm]


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from [15 Apr 2007|01:07pm]
isaiha goes back to brazil on wednesday. i am so sad. i spent a majority of the past two and a half years with him. i taught him english at work when we had nothing to do. he taught me how to cook and tried to teach me portuguese but i couldnt learn it. we had the most interesting conversations. i talked to him family in brazil. work was really fun with him there. he was my best friend there. this summer is going to be so weird without him. im going to miss him so much. what am i going to do?
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my DU [08 Apr 2007|10:40pm]
Zach Johnson won the Masters today. Now, I do not really follow golf, sure I know the big names and everything, but I'm not really a big fan. But I am proud to say that Zach Johnson went to Drake University ('98). And that is damn cool. Gotta love DU.
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oh captain! you're home! [06 Apr 2007|07:34pm]
so allyson, kristin, and i went to wendys today. and i am here to say that the four alarm spicy chicken sandwich, not so spicy. infact, not that great. yeah its hot, theres fuckin jalapenos in it. but if it wasn't for those little babies in there, it wouldnt be hot. and! the jalapenos are just annoying cause they fall out. i don't think the cheese they use is even the least bit spicy. i asked the guy when i ordered how it was in comparison to the regular spicy chicken sangwich (yes dane cook joke there), and he said it wasn't much spicier. now, maybe i went to the only wendys i have ever seen in iowa, and yes maybe they dont have the recipe right, but it was hot. and i did not even reach for my drink because "my mouth was on fire." i only reached for it because that's what you do (at least i do) when you eat. so all in all, as a wendy's connoisseur i feel that the "four alarm spicy chicken sandwich" should be downgraded to maybe a "two alarm semi-spicy chicken sandwich." but that is just my opinion. feel free to disagree.
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erin go braugh... a little late [18 Mar 2007|10:04pm]
im in illinois right now. tomorrow ill be in chicago. tuesday i am spending the night in wisconsin. i love life. i love traveling. even family parties, whose families i do not belong too, are awesome. everyone is wicked awesome. this house is sweet. kristin is so awesome for letting me come stay with her cause i couldn't come home (plave ticket prices were jacked way up this week, dont think my parents dont want me). and her family is the best. i feel like i am at home, sort of. its 10:05. i have to get up in 12 hours to get ready and hang out with her and ry. theyre taking me to chicago since i have never been. im excited.

i also have a new cousin :) and she was born on st. patricks day. which kicks ass since shes on the irish side of the family. id love to turn 21 on the day when the most drinking occurs. ahhh! i cant wait to see her!

and my new puppy is wicked sweet. i want to see her wicked bad too.

well, i think kristin fell asleep in her bed reading while i downloaded songs to drive home too. see you guys may 12th when i get home.
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[07 Mar 2007|07:04pm]
i got a big sis today! ive never had one before. DG puts you in families, and i got mine today. my gramma is abroad though, so i wont meet her until the fall. but thats still pretty sweet.
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chapstick [01 Mar 2007|03:24pm]
weve had really shitty weather lately. i went to my 2:00 class today to give my presentation. four groups had to go. when i got back, i found out that all classes that began at 2 and on had officially been canceled. everyone went to my class. what the hell?
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lily's make me sneeze [16 Feb 2007|04:54pm]
everyone left this weekend. why? i dont know. theta chi has their formal in illinois so manda went to that with this guy, and mike is there too with this girl. ty went home this weekend and dan's parents are coming. so since everyone went home (and not just my friends, like the entire school) i have nothing to do, and no one to hang out with. and im guessing, the library will only be a little bit fun tonight since everyone is gone. im actually going to have to pick up my phone and call people to hang out with. im roommateless for the whole weekend! its already horrible. i cleaned, did my laundry, watched tv, and read a magazine. i dont even have any homework i can do. otherwise i would have done it. bored.... someone come out to iowa and visit me please!
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Hot Damn Delta Gam! [02 Feb 2007|08:25pm]
So today i joined a sorority. who would have thought? but yeah, i am now a delta gamma. technically a "new member," initation is in april. but yep. and its not a typical sorority. so dont think thats what i am now. its fun. i love the girls. yay!
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iowa sweep = amazing [28 Jan 2007|01:45pm]
one year ago today i was in iowa for the first time.

"the iowa update... [31 Jan 2006|10:06pm]
between sunday and monday i have...

been to 3 states, riden in 4 cabs, flown in 4 planes, ran through 2 terminals, ate out 4 times, packed and unpacked and repacked my suitcase 234 times, spent $4 on snacks that i still havent eatten, seen 1 college, met 1 hott guy [javier] and spent 1 hour with him, i walked 34 blocks, and i learned...

they call it 'pop' not 'soda,' the laundry room is an amazing place to do laundry, dont get the 21 meal plan, sit in the 'pound' at basketball games, people are wicked nice, they also dont say wicked, far away is considered 15 minutes, the airport is never busy in iowa, no one is in a rush, and im going to college at drake university next fall."


i made the right choice, 100% the right choice.
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my covers are all twisted... [12 Jan 2007|09:08am]
im flying through atlanta to get back to school on monday.
i know someone on the flight.
thats pretty halarious.
unplanned and everything.
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cross this on off the list ladies and gentlemen! [10 Jan 2007|07:29pm]
i sang karaoke last night.
first time ever.
pretty fun.
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two in one??? [05 Jan 2007|12:14am]
Are you there Snow God? It's me, Meredith.

I've seen the weather forecast for the next seven days, and I have to tell you, I am not pleased. I do not appreciate the above normal temperatures we, and by we I mean Massachusetts, Iowa, and Buffalo (yes I know that does not follow suit with the rest of the states I listed, but I dislike the rest of New York, so they do not count!). I did not have a white Christmas (I do not remember the last time that happened). I did not have a freezing cold New Year's (with snow). I still have not gotten any bit of frostbite. I have not driven like an idiot (ok I usually do anyways) in the snow. I have not spun my car out this year. For crying out loud I drove around yesterday with my windows rolled down and a wimpy little jacket on (what the flip is that about!!!). It's January! Not April!

I can not even take enjoyment out of watching the plow truck drivers line up on the bridges waiting for the flakes to fall. I also want to reinsert words like "icy-mix," "school closings," "delays," "snow accumulation," "winter weather advisory warning," "parking ban," "slush," etc. into my vocabulary. I particularly like the lottery system you have in place, and by that I mean, I like how you fake out our weathermen into thinking we are just getting a dusting and then SLAM! we get a foot and a half of snow. Or vice versa. Oh! Before I forget! I bought a pretty new (expensive!) winter coat. I have barely used it.

Now, I know what is going to happen. I know you will eventually get this letter. I am guessing it will be around the 15th of January. That is the day I fly back to Iowa. Please, my only other request, do not make it snow so that it will infringe (nice word right there) on my travel arrangements. It is required I be present in class on Tuesday, the 16th of January, otherwise I will be dropped from the class list.

This letter could go on for a lot longer. I did not want to offend you or put you off by extending it anymore. Did you notice my attempt at correct capitalization and grammatical use? That was for you Snow God, that was for you. Now, a nice surprise snow storm and everything will be amazingly perfect.......

Love always (even though I am slightly T-Oed at you right now),
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j.love and f.sav [20 Dec 2006|09:58pm]
so i got a great seat right now. i moved our TV onto my desk. ok let me tarantino it. (haha, i love dane). last week i asked my RA to loft my bed. well apparently someone screwed up and its still not lofted, even though i was told it would happen at the end of last week. so at the end of last week, at midnight, manda and i get this bright idea to rearrange the room so it would be easier for them to loft it. well, it left our tv blocked by a desk and shoved in a corner with no where to sit to watch it. so i moved it today. and now i have an amazing place to sit reclined with my comp on my lap and watch tv.

right now theres a commercial on tv about tennis balls. theyre following this girl everywhere she walks. and jumping out of buildings and stuff. and not just one, LOTS. and now i want to throw a bucket of tennis balls out the window.
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black socks, black socks... [16 Dec 2006|12:15pm]
what the flip is up with the freakin weather? its been ridiculously nice here. it was 60 yesterday, and i didnt need a coat. its supposed to be high 40's and 50's all week too! for serious, i love how im not ice cold all the time, but i NEED winter to start. its not the holiday season unless its either freezing or snowing. i hear home is almost the same way. and the pacific northwest is getting a pounding with all the crazy amounts of rain theyve been having. for real, global warming sucks.

hey, done with my classes. two finals and a critique and im outttta here! i was planning on getting severly delayed in O'hare flying through the friday before xmas. but im thinking, if the weather stays this way, ill get home just fine. who knows though.

i found out the owner of my restuarant at home passed away (the big boss). i cant believe it. that man hired me, made me laugh so much, and was one of the nicest guys. i was actually the last girl he hired and the only one still there. going into that place when i get back will be surreal.
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it kind of sucks... [10 Dec 2006|04:20pm]
so im in a rut. i dont like it very much. im not used to having a core group of friends i always hang out with. im used to knowing lots of people and always having options and different people to see. im not used to having "the gang" at my fingertips whenever i want. i loved it. i still do. but im beginning to feel smothered. and its starting to show. ive backed off a lot lately. i got into a fight last night with mike. it wasn't good. but it needed to happen. even the people i love are starting to bother me in stupid ways. i just need to meet more people and have other options. sometimes i just feel obligated to hang out with them cause we do everything together. on top of all that, theres starting to be a stupid drama situation that i want nothing to do with. i never really had much to begin with, but now i guess im kind of in the middle of some of it. i hate it. i just need change. i love change. i love new things and new people and sponaneity. dont get me wrong, i love this place to death. but i miss being on my own and doing my own thing sometimes. i like my alone time. and i need it so i dont flip out and be a complete bitch (which im starting to be). oh well.... ill be home soon right? everything will work out.

FYS paper blows.
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im nothing but dirt at your feet... [29 Nov 2006|09:14pm]
theres twelve minutes of battery left on my computer. then ill have to get up and plug it in.
twenty four days til i come home.
im going to atlanta when i come back to school.
i have to fly through there.
im watching rozanne and i dont know why.
its not good.
haha, a kid just got beat up.
ok im turning it off now.
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